Journal of Architecture and Art

This Journal issued by “Arab Association for Islamic Civilization and Art”, an association notarized under number 9768 of the year 2015, in participation with “Islamic Universities Association  Arbitrators consider members in the scientific committees of Architecture and Art in addition it proposing research internationally to specialized committees such as Arabian & Foreigner Arbitrators in all fields of  (Architecture – Design – Art – Archeology – Social Science …etc).

Goals of the Journal:

  1. Corroborate the intellectual relations and spread the scientific culture among the Arabian and Foreigner researchers, and the purposeful scientific contacting among them.
  1. Find communication channels among the persons who’re working in the civilization and artistic fields for all academic fields and institutions such as in the fields of Architecture design Art.
  1. Promoting the education level, the designing, architecture, art, archeology,  research, then linking them with the several institution by using the modern styles and technological facilities to find positive results for such studies and research that consider as scientific and knowledge treasures in all of the civilization and artistic fields.

The International Classification:

Impact Factor: 7

About Journal:

Journal of Architecture and Arts is the opened access policy, where a scientific, arbitral, quarterly Journal issued by “Arab Association for Islamic Civilization and Art”, in association with “Islamic University Association”, “Faculty of Applied Art” and “Ibn Sina Institute for Humanistic Science in France”.

The Journal concerns on spreading culture, promoting the abilities of Arabian researchers and designers in their intellectual, designing and creative works to the global scientific level.

Researches are arbitrated by arbitrators through around the world; they have international reputation in the fields of art, art education, design and interior architecture and restoration . The submitted works to the Journal to be published are arbitrated through a base means that there’s no opportunity to the arbitrator to know the identification of the researcher, or the researcher doesn’t know the identification of the concerned arbitrator. This facilitates more opportunity for the best fair arbitration giving researchers an absolute neutral opportunity to conclude non-biased evaluation by anyway.

Journal Divisions:

The Journal includes several divisions; the most important is the arbitral scientific division. It contains international arbitral scientific research in both Arabic and English languages. Some of the said divisions are:

  • Architecture, Arts, Humanities, Social Sciences, Education, Psychology, Humanity, Population, Family, Social Service, Economy and International Human Relations Researches:

It contains the firm scientific researches in the fields of the different design of the interior or external architecture – all fields of the applied and fine arts and art education. Such researches are conditioned with the obvious vision and goal, adopting suitable research styles and methods, as the researches’ conclusions must be new additions, as the research must guarantee the originality, creation, the documentation and stable references, sources and the modernization of such sources and their strength with the impact factor of the international references.

Archeology, History & Restoration Research:

In this division, researches also include any scientific or technological additions may add to the artistic knowledge and thought of the monuments the conservation, treatment, the historical interim, the technique and historical experiences and the artistic studies. The researchers of the submitted works to be arbitrated in this division must be conditioned with the same conditions of the said-above paragraph for guaranteeing the originality, creation, documentation and the stable references and sources.


Researchers & Association Members Opinions:

It is a specialized division proposing the critics studies and the offered ideas to be discussed and the others’ attitudes in the architecture’s design, the art works and their connoisseurs, the archeological and historical field in modern innovation and creations of architecture, the architects, artists and authors’ ideas in all civilization and creation fields.