Policy & License

Opened Access Using Policy:

This Journal is arbitral international Journal has opened access and using. The expression of “the opened access” means that every content in the Journal such as abstracts, is offered for free on the web, but for the contents of the research, it must be permitted till the user can read, upload, copy, distribute, print or search, or to use it for any legal using after the permission without any legal or artistic obstacle, except otherwise stated in the web.

The adopting of the opened access means that the Journal saves all the existed published researches in it for all of its users to search and use them in a way supports global scientific and cognitive change through large range among researchers and specialists, then enhancing the relations among them in everywhere.

Creative Commons License:

All the published works in this Journal are characterized with the creative commons license for the copyrights. This license realizes a balance in the traditional pattern “all rights reserved” that were found by the copyright law. Its tools give a simple and idealistic method for all, beginning from the individuals to the great companies and even the institutions to specify the relevant validities of the copyright with the creative works. The merging between the license’s tools and its users leads to increase and spreading the commons digital that considers an aggregation for content can be copies, redistributed, amended, and changed or to be derived. All of this through a legal range of the copyright. Therefore, the readers of this Journal can use the published in an absolute and free way as long as the original work has been attributed to its owner in the regard of:

* File sharing, copying, printing, distributing and transferring them through different media.

* Using the content in a flexible way and merging it with the other works.

* Use it whether for commercial or non-commercial purposes.

* Derivation is compressing all or part of the work to fit your work needs.

* Adding parts or linking between the work and other works.

This license considers more tolerant, as it is the suitable to guarantee the great spreading and possible using of the licensed materials.